My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game - Booster Display Series 2: Crimson Rampage (24 packs) *VORVERKAUF* April 2022


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Players can continue their Hero Academia with the MY HERO ACADEMIA COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME: Crimson Rampage booster display box.

This display contains 24 booster packs of 10 cards each for the MY HERO ACADEMIA COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME, 1 box topper promotional card, and
2 Quirk Pack promotional packs.

Use these boosters to build new decks for Izuku Midoriya and the class of 1-A, the students of class 1-B, or some Pro Heroes (or even some

-Each booster pack contains 10 cards, consisting of the following: 6 Commons, 3 Uncommons, 1 Rare or Ultra Rare.

-My Hero Academia CCG Series 2 features 117 new cards, 20 new character cards (including new characters), and new mechanics!