Disney Lorcana - Booster Display "The First Chapter" (24 Packs) Englisch


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Unlike Starter Decks, Booster Packs contain 12 random cards from the set: The First Chapter. These Booster Packs are available in three different designs. Unlike other Disney Lorcana products, a booster pack is not guaranteed to contain cards containing cards with the character pictured on the front.

Players use the Booster Packs to build and upgrade their individual decks with cards that are not in the and upgrade their individual decks with cards not included in the Starter Decks. Collectors especially love open Booster Packs to discover new cards to add to their collection. their collection.

Each booster pack contains 12 random cards consisting of:
♦ 6 common cards
♦ 3 uncommon cards
♦ 2 rare, epic or legendary cards
♦ 1 foil card

Sprache: Englisch

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